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Our Mission:

Life sciences and biomedical technology innovation has been demonstrating strong market value to benefit basic research, application knowhow development and health care advancement as a growth engine driving the instrumentation industry towards continuous improvements in quality, operational excellence and cost optimization. Harmony Group (H.K.) Limited serves to represent innovative life sciences and biomedical technology solution in acceleration of technology transfer to Asian countries and is committed to deliver to our customer exceptional cost performance value, personalized, and quality service insuring no wastage from your return on investment.


Upon development of new products, enterprise normally strikes for priority to find balance between quality and cost. In the context of global economic integration within competitive market, profit is not sustainable unless your products and services truly fulfilling customer requirements to become the choice of preferred solution. Harmony Group (Hong Kong) Limited starts from understanding of customers’ pain points and looking for real innovative companies as business partners who really strive to improve product functionality and quality in reduced price. Our aim is to offer such solution to customer in measurable productive and quality improvements so that customers really enjoy the best return from investment through actual benefits in solving your problems and enhancing your operation.


The core values that we promote with our clients and within our organization are:

1. Creating sustainable values for customer

2. Partnership with customer for flexible and tailor service

3. Excellent customer experience

4. Challenge our suppliers and team to strive for excellence

5. Taking care of our people and partners for long lasting relations

6. Entrepreneurial spirit


Our product and service solution:

1. Advance microscopy including spinning disk confocal scanner, multiphoton microscopy, super-resolution and TIRF microscopy

2. Long life 20,000 hours strong LED light source for fluorescent and transmitted light microscopy

3. Special and common microscope accessories

4. Price attractive microscope fluorescent light sources, filter cubes and replacement lamps

5. Living cell incubation chamber for microscopy and IVF

6. Diamond knife for ultra-thin sectioning in TEM specimen preparation

7. High pressure freezing cryofixation system and accessories

8. Large range of TEM sample preparation consumables