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Scanner Accessories

Scanner Accessories

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20,000hrs long life light source: Spectra X strong LED or solid state diode laser. Sharing fluorescent light source (complete field illumination), fluorescent filters (inside the scanner with dichoric and emission filter wheel) among widefield fluorescent,living cell workstation and spinning disk confocal imaging



Microscope adaptation:

X-Light provides a flexible upgrade path for existing microscopes model at 100% light port through C-mount output. With light source wavelengths switching, dichroic and emission filters all motorized, even your manual microscope without fluorescent accessories can perform multicolor imaging through the scanner while z-stack collection is done by fitting a z-focus step motor or piezo-Z stage to your manual microscope. X-Light can be switched between microsopes.

Choices of microscope objective:

Microscope objective adapter changing inverted microscope objective to upright or vice versa: