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Microscope cage incubator

Microscope cage incubator

Detail Description

Cage Incubator employs a Temperature Unit that generates warm air to raise the temperature inside the enclosure. Superior accuracy is guaranteed by the interplay of four sensors: three for temperature and one for flow rate. The temperature sensors monitor temperature inside the enclosure, inside the Gas Micro-Environmental Chamber and inside the Air Heater. The flow rate sensor controls the rate at which warm air enters the enclosure and ensures smooth operation and fast heating. A proprietary smart algorithm determines the minimum flow rate necessary to maintain the controlled temperature at the set point value.

Multiphoton fixed stage upright microscope laser shielding enclosure box

•Temperature range: from 3°C above ambient to 45°C

•Temperature accuracy on sample: 0.1°C

•Operated via touch screen interface OKO-TOUCH

•Low energy consumption thanks to warm air recirculation for heating the environment inside the cage

•Double air input and output ensures best temperature uniformity inside the enclosure

•Hepa air filtering Unit - Optional

•Models for any inverted / upright microscope

•Sliding doors on the front and side panels allow full and easy access to the microscope

•Removable front panel with turn-to-open hinges

•Optional black panels for imaging in dark environment- can be added at any time after purchase

•An LED light with foot pedal and dimmer allows illumination inside the enclosure

•Add a Micro - Environmental Chamber for Humidity and CO2 (and / or O2) control: models available for any XY stage and Piezo insert same as that for microscope stage heating chamber and specimen container holders. The purpose for the Micro - Environmental Chamber is to create a small volume surrounding the sample and containing humidified gas of the desired concentration.

•CO2 and O2 gas control inside the Micro - Environmental Chamber: same as all the choices for microscope stage chamber gas controller.

•Gas is humidified through a semi-permeable membrane Vibration Free Humidity Module fits inside the cage: No bubbling, i.e. no vibrations and Re-filler without opening the enclosure and without perturbing the sample