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Spectra X strong fluorescent light guide source

Spectra X strong fluorescent light guide source

Detail Description

Each light engine consists of a lamp and delivery optics. The lamp subsystem embodies multiple modules optimized to each produce a precise set of wavelengths. One such module is shown in the above figure. Light is generated by a luminescent light pipe which is driven by an LED. The pipe, which may consist of any of a variety of luminescent materials (e.g. rare earth doped glass, organic doped plastic, single crystal fiber) is tailored to emit light in the UV through the NIR. Any unwanted light is removed by a simple bandpass filter. The light output from the pipe is fed into an optical delivery pipe and into the instrument. The fast luminescence decay results in rapid switching with no appreciable warm up time.

•Sources:Six solid state sources operating independently, UV and NIR options

•Wavelength Range:380 - 680 nm (380 - 780 nm with optional nIR source)

•Output Power:~50-500 mW power per color band through a 3 mm dia LLG;~20-200 mW power per color band through a 1 mm dia optical fiber

•Bandpass Filters: 7 bandpass filters installed in user-exchangeable paddles

•Light Delivery: Liquid light guide, optical fiber and microscope collimator sold separately

•Easy to Install: Pre-aligned, simple to operate with touchpad or 3rd party software controllable by common microscopy automation software, no maintenance

•Lifetime: > 20,000 hours, 36 month warranty to end user

•Control Interface: TTL fast source selection (~10 µs switching of wavelength and intensity - faster than any filter wheel), Serial (RS232) source selection and intensity control

‣ High output power even in the green/yellow region (free of “green gap” that plagues LED in lower power)

‣ Spectral & power stability

‣ Spectral purity, no out of band light

‣ Completely flat illumination

‣ Quiet and no heat generation

‣ Ideal for electrophysiology & systems sensitive to electrical noise