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PEKA strong transmitted light source

PEKA strong transmitted light source

Detail Description

PEKA couples directly to any major brand microscope and has no fan so produces no vibration. Spectrally pure white light is generated with no harmful UV or NIR. PEKA may be manually operated or electronically triggered for millisecond timing control. The red/yellow/green/blue (RYGB) output is unique in its ability to maintain constant color temperature throughout all gain settings, regardless of output power, no need for neutral density matching and fast on/off. PEKA is a robust illuminator and a powerful solution superior to the traditional 12V100W tungsten-halogen lamp also in unique strong intensity supporting up to 100X Ph & DIC contrast technique.

Sources: White light based on the combined output of multiple sources

Wavelength: Range 450 - 650 nm

Power: 250 mW (support 100X Ph & DIC) or 500mW (support more than 10 people multi-head viewing microscope) white light

Speed: On/off rate > 100 Hz

Light Delivery: Direct mount lamp house to transmission lamp port of any major microscope

Easy to Install: Pre-aligned, simple to mount, no maintenance

Control: TTL on/off trigger of white output

Lifetime: > 20,000 hours with more than 70% initial, maximum intensity

Control Interface: Manual knobs for on/off and electronic neutral density equivalents


Power Requirements: 40 W, 24 VDC, 1.7 A

Weight, Dimensions (W x L x H): ~ 2 kg, 9cm x 10cm x 13 cm