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MIRA strong fluorescent direct coupling light source

MIRA strong fluorescent direct coupling light source

Detail Description

The MIRA light engine delivers powerful, stable and responsive fluorescence excitation. The violet, cyan, green and red light source outputs are optimized for efficient excitation of DAPI, FITC, TRITC, mCherry, Cy5 and other similar fluorophores. Each source can be turned on/off independently or used in combination to generate white light output. Furthermore, independent control of source output intensities facilitates balancing of fluorescence signals in 2-, 3- and 4-color imaging applications. Source selection control allows users to excite two, three or four fluorophores in a multi-labeled specimen one at a time through a multi-band exciter. Thus excitation selectivity can be obtained without the need for mechanical filter interchanges using filter wheels or other positioning devices.


Source selection and intensity settings are controlled with two manual knobs or an optional touchscreen control tablet. An electronic shutter controlled by DC levels applied to a BNC connector on the rear panel allows temporal modulation of the light output at up to 100 Hz.


MIRA delivers illumination tailored to the requirements of routine, clinical microscopy

applications without the burden of maintenance, alignment or replacement part

expenditures. MIRA’s efficient passive cooling design requires no fan, providing silent andvibrationless operation. Like all Lumencor light engines, MIRA is mercury-free.

Sources: 4 solid-state sources: Violet (V:380-400nm), Cyan (C:460-490nm), Green (G:525-570nm & 570-600nm), and Red (R:620-660nm). White light output via simultaneous V,G,C,R output

Output Power: ~ 600 mW total power

Light Delivery: Direct mount lamp house to epifluorescence illumination port of major brand microscopes

Microscope fluorescent filters compatible with MIRA:
1.DAPI:EX395/25nm, DM425lpxr, EM460/50nm
2.FITC:EX470/40nm, DM495lpxr, EM525/50m
3.TRITC:EX545/25nm, DM565lpxr, EM605/70nm
4.Texas Red: EX569/25nm, DM588lpxr, EM615/40nm
5.CY5:EX620/60nm, DM660lpxr, EM700/75nm

Control Interface: Side-panel knobs for manual on/off, output color and intensity selection.

Control Ports

(1) Rear panel USB port for tablet connection.

(2) Electronic on/off gate (>3.3 V/<1.5 V DC) via rear panel BNC

Speed: On/off gating (single colors or simultaneous white output) up to 100 Hz

Optional Accessories: Touchscreen control tablet (83-10003). USB A to USB A cable for tablet connection (29-10057)

Power Requirements: 40 W, 9 V, 4.45 A DC power supply included

Lifetime: 20,000 hours with >70% original output intensity.

Dimensions: (W x L x H) 9 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm

Weight :< 2.0 kg