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LIDA strong transmitted light source

LIDA strong transmitted light source

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Conventionally, transmitted light color images have been acquired using white light sources and color cameras. However single-exposure acquisition of color information comes at the expense of lower speed, less spatial resolution, reduced dynamic range and increased noise in color cameras compared to gray-scale cameras.


Now that monochrome cameras can be paired with a fast color-switching LIDA light engine, sequential RGB acquisition assumes the status of a preferred option rather than merely an alternative to color camera + white light source techniques. The LIDA light engine integrates three solid state sources, including Lumencor’s exclusive green luminescent light pipe, with the sophisticated control electronics required for high speed synchronization of light output with camera exposure time. Transmitted light images are captured in one electronically controlled high speed sequence. Variances associated with moving parts are eliminated, resulting in perfect alignment of pixel-registered images across the wide fields of view afforded by modern sCMOS cameras. Independent control of the intensity of the three component light sources allows balanced color rendition without resorting to extensive post-processing of images.


Sources 3 solid-state sources: Red (610–650 nm), Green (510–600 nm), Blue (420–480 nm).

Output Power: > 500 mW total power

Light Delivery Direct: mount lamp house to transmitted light port of major brand microscopes

Operational Modes: RGB sequential (camera triggered); white light for ocular viewing

Speed: Maximum 1 kHz RGB channel switching or all channels (white) on/off

Control Ports: (1) Rear panel USB port. (2) Rear panel DB15 TTL gating port

Functional Controls:

     1.USB - Direct control of channel on/off and output intensity

     2.TTL - Single-line sequential R>G>B switching or 3-line independent gating of R, G and B sources

User Control Interfaces:

     1. ELECTRONIC - Color channel selection and output intensity adjustment from USB connected computer running Lumencor GUI or third party software.

     2. MANUAL - Side-panel knobs for white light output on/off and intensity level

Optional Accessories: DB15-to-4X BNC TTL breakout cable, USB A to USB A connection cable