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X-Light Super-resolution

X-Light Super-resolution

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X-Light V2+VCS Super-resolution

For core facilities require different high resolution imaging techniques in demanding experiment requirements and large varieties of samples,  X-Light V2+VCS spinning disk confocal excels in imaging capabilities for wide field, confocal, wide-field super-resolution by structured illumination and an unique video-confocal super-resolution techniques in the same scanner switching between one another under full automation. Excellent quality results in affordable investment relieves your budget burden to acquire X-Light V2 in advance configuration with full automation, including high power laser, large format sCMOS compatible, no limit in changing spinning disk “on-the-fly” in maintaining overall system alignment, dual patterns of structure illumination mask, easy maintenance, robust and stable for long time after installation set up alignment as well as easy to operate.

Structure illumination super-resolution technique module upgrade at any time

•Unique wide-field structure illumination Super-resolution & Video Confocal Super-resolution (VCS) scan mode.

•Stand-alone widefield or simultaneous confocal scanning with VCS mask multiple pinholes achieves 120nm lateral super-resolution. The final super-resolution image is generated through scanning VCS mask array pinholes by piezo motor over the entire field of view in widefield or simultaneously scanning over confocal spinning disk to capture every single image pixel intensity changes over the positions of the VCS mask pattern in the entire field of view. The acquired data need subsequent image processing with non-linear calculations exploiting the tops more than the belly of the raw signal intensity. Signals are collected as a function of illumination and detection positional parameters calculated to a maximum intensity projection to yield a final image. This calculation creates filtering effect in pixel intensity producing exception contrast leading to a skewed histogram of detected intensities representing super-resolution information.

Superb quality result at any time through fast super-resolution imaging  for any fluorescent samples without restriction

•Cover all your fluorescent stained specimens without any special sample preparation needed and work with all fluorescent dyes without restriction by our unique structure illumination technique for multi-color super-resolution images capture through aberration free optical correction across the visible spectrum. Under light intensity detection not effected by refractive index of immersion oil and embedding medium for prolonged time lapse capture in minimum photobleaching.

•VCS SIM detects light intensity changes not effected by refractive index so VCS sample preparation is exactly the same as confocal sample preparation without any need of special precautions or additional cares. There is minimum risk of image artefacts using VCS SIM technique under no strict requirements of sample preparation among all the super resolution methods.

•Using VCS will not waste your valuable sample and manpower in tedious sample preparation but in vain to obtain good image and experiment results.

•Sharp image of rich details for accurate structure co-localization and contains all data needed to tabulate reliable results.

•High resolution high quality image produce high level publication.

•Super-resolution image quality is assured by VCS to produce high level publication.

Crest Optics  X-Light VCS addon specification

Software control

MetaMorph, NIS Elements


Compatible and upgradable with X-Light V2 scanner

VCS pinhole

Single mask with two patterns: 13 micron square apertures - 78 micron pitch and 13 microns slits - 78 micron pitch; Piezo motors speed structured illumination scan

Motorized mask focus; robust XY alignment

VCS resolution

Lateral 120nm & axial 300nm ;   precise multi-wavelengths correction optics & control for multi-color VCS image capture



Upright and inverted microscope models from all brands with 100% c-mount output port

With apochromatic corrected objective


High sensitivity CCD, sCMOS and EMCCD with c-mount port

Easy camera focus through internal optics without moving camera, no other disc and camera alignment needed

Display card

GPU video card/CUDA specification: version 5.0/5.2 & GPU Memory: 4 GB or more (NVIDIA Board: GTX 980)

200nm beads Widefield

200nm beads spinning disk

200nm beads VCS

Live Super-Resolution Confocal Microscopy (Live-SR)

The Live-SR is based on optically demodulated structured illumination technique with online processing. Combined with spinning confocal, it enables Super-Resolution to be achieved at high speed and low photo-toxicity, making it the ideal solution for live high resolution cell imaging. Moreover, because of the nature of the light modulation, no line or pattern artifact is created. The Live-SR process can be run live during acquisition or integrated into an offline routine. Processing is parameter free making it very easy to use. Necessary data for processing are directly read from the acquisition software.

• Maximum resolution up to 105nm

• Acquisition speed up to 1000 fps

• Live / Focus mode for real time

• Motorized bypass mode

• No specific fluorophors required

• Low photoxicity for live imaging

• Up to 6 channels

• Simultaneous multi-wavelength imaging (up to 4 channels)

• Compatible with any existing research microscope

• Compatible with CCD, EMCCD, SCMOS cameras

• No expertise required

• No structured artifact