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Camera chip splitter: OptoSplit II and OptoSplit

Camera chip splitter: OptoSplit II and OptoSplit

Detail Description

OPTOSPLIT II & III LS: camera chip is spltted to 2 or 3 channels

Two or three images can be captured simultaneously offering a major benefit over manual or electronic filter changers. A rectangular aperture is used to define the region to be imaged, with a set of simple controls allowing the user to vary the relative positions of the two output images on the camera.



• Works with sensor sizes up to 22mm diagonal (eg 5.5MPixel sCMOS)

• Dichroic mirror and emission filters mounted in readily interchangeable cubes for dual or triple emission separation

• Optional magnification or demagnification

• Unsplit mode through either channel or neither (18mm diagonal)

• Simple intuitive alignment in x, y, and focal planes

• Interchangeable mount for N.D. filter or chromatic correction lens

• OptoSplit II ByPass - single lever switching from split (dual channels) to bypass (single wavelength recording)

• C-mount coupling to microscope or camera lens

• Standard spectral range from 450 to 900nm

• Supports cropped sensor modes


APPLICATIONS (2 way splitting)

• Ratiometric ion or voltage imaging

• Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

• Polarisation studies

• Dual probe widefield microscopy

• TIRF/Spinning disk confocal

• Combined fluorescence/transmitted light microscopy


APPLICATIONS (3 way splitting)

• Triple fluorescence probe studies

• Polarisation Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (pFRET)

• Ratiometric ion imaging

• Polarisation studies

• Simultaneous phase contrast and fluorescence

• Multi-depth imaging