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RMC line of ultramicrotomes has the longest pedigree in the industry for TEM ultrathin section preparation.

Features & benefits you won’t find on other systems!

1. Power Driven Cutting Stroke & Mechanical Advance:

»» High stability and powerful mechanical drive systems for section large blocks and hard specimens

»» Eliminate ‘stalling’ common with gravity drive systems

»» Automatic 200μm specimen advance feed

»» Variable return speed selection over entire cutting speed range (up to 100mm/s)

»» Most versatile choices of specimen holders for TEM, SEM, AFM, TOFMS, LM and CEMOVIS

»» Built-in hand rests

»» Advanced technology multi-level vibration isolation system

2. High Precision, Micrometer Driven, Accurate Manually Operated Knife Stage:

»» For safe, precise, manually controlled knife to specimen approach

»» Precision N-S advance micrometer control with coarse (50mm range/5um step)and fine (12mm range/0.5um step)adjusment knobs 

»» Precision 25mm E-W travel

3. Unique “scan & tilt” control:

»» Single handed adjustment to rapidly scan knife edge & sectioning area

»» Optional dual handwheel for both left hand and right hand operator in flexible control

4. Bright overhead LED array with diffuser and dimmer, moves with stereomicroscope:

»» Color corrected LED array for correct assessment of section thickness from indicated color

»» Variable position lighting with super-LED gives strong illumination at cutting area and also for backlighting and external spotlight for specimen transillumination

»» Specimen viewing mirror

5. Ergonomic stereomicroscope holder with constant radial focus euccentric tilt control:

»» Zeiss Stemi 508 Apochromatic Stereomicroscope with 8:1 zoom range, 6.3X to 50X magnification with 10X wide field (23mm) eyepieces, up to 80X magnification with 16X eyepiece. Optional camera port to add video monitor system

»» Stereomicroscope stays in focus when tilted around specimen axis

»» Tilt, focus and zoom controls conveniently positioned for easy & comfortable access

»» Stereomicroscope position adjusts to suit the operator

6. Dual Foot Switch Control:

»» Switch between preset & stored semi-thin and ultra-thin sectioning parameters (use memory channels 1 and 4)

»» Hands free control of cutting function

7. SmartTome™ Hybrid Control System: Touch screen plus tactile controller with raised bubble switches and digital displays:

»» Position either side of PowerTome for most convenient operation

»» ‘Touch’ control without moving head away from stereomicroscope

»» Easy access on-screen help

»» With a report generator program to capture and print reports based on the materials under sectioning

»» Integrated database function record Section Number, Section Thickness, Cumulative Advance, Cutting Speed, Knife Temperature (Cryo), Specimen Temperature (Cryo), User Name, Knife Used, Knife Use Statistics, Date & Time, Material Name and Your Comments.

8. Full PC control with integrated 21.5˝ Touch Screen LCD color monitor/controller interface with fast 64bit processor:

»» Easily replaced by user with ‘off-the-shelf ’ components from local electronic stocks

»» Easy to see & touch control icons: video monitor system to display the sectioning process in real time in the middle of the display monitor while all touch screen and tactile control are at the right and left side of the video display screen

»» Unique Visutrac™ control to set cutting zone at any time even while sectioning. Cutting zone can also be set by positioning specimen & activating upper & lower cutting zone Icons.

9. Built-in calibration and service diagnostics:

»» Instantly confirm port configurations and functionality

»» Simplifies maintenance procedures

»» LN Ultra diagnostics included

LN Ultra provides optimal thermal stability necessary for forming ribbons of sections. With highest thermal stability, it is ideal for demanding Tokuyasu immuolabelling and CEMOVIS techniques, plus sectioning and cryo-plaing co-polymer structures and nano-bio materials. Features like the “through the wall” arm, vibrationless LN2 delivery, and four temperature presets are now standard in the industry. Still the leader in convenience and performance.


>Through-the-Wall Arm maintains the best sectioning mechanism transmission ensure excellent thin section quality.

>Easy removal for quick return to normal sectioning

>Most versatile choices of specimen holders for TEM, SEM, AFM, TOFMS, LM and CEMOVIS

>Precision microprocessor temperature control from -180C to +35C. Temperature stability ± 0.1 C

>Efficient heat exchange system allows sectioning at -170 to -180C

>Four user-adjustable temperature programs

>Fastest cool down times available

>Internal chamber illumination via bright LED’s

>LED backlighting

>Efficient cryogenic design with lowest LN2 consumption

>Quick set-up and conversion back to room temperature ultramicrotomy

>12 liter Dewar fits on table-top, yet provides LN2 for a whole day’s use

>Knife control: External knife rotation control knob; External lateral movement knob; Knife clearance angle easily adjusted while cold; Heated chamber walls to eliminate condensation

Supplied complete with the following:

>Insulated and externally heated cryosectioning chamber with internal LED chamber illumination and LED backlight

>Cryo workstation with hand rests and tool tray

>Cryo chamber covers

>Electronic control unit with 4 temperature memory channels and digital display of knife and specimen temperatures

>LED displays of knife and specimen set temperatures and actual temperature readings

>User controllable LN2 boil-off rate for frost prevention

>Warm cycle quickly brings cryochamber back to room temperature.

>Specimen mounting pins (10 @ 2 mm, 3 mm, 6.5 mm)

>Pin holders

>Flat specimen holder

>Four knife holders for combination of glass & diamond knives with: Dual glass knife holder with trimming tool; Diamond knife holder with trimming tool; 12mm wide glass knife holder with trimming tool; Diamond Knife, Glass Knife, Side by Side

>Microscope mounted breath shield

>Assorted cryo tools

>12 Liter LN2 Dewar with cap

>LN pump (non-pressurized) with efficient non-contact transfer line

>Pump stand

>Power supply unit

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