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In-Vivo Imager

In-Vivo Imager

Detail Description

VisiLux-II in-vivo imager for luminescence and fluorescence imaging in living animals, plants and bacteria.

•Wide choice of camera, EMCCD or sCMOS

•Programmable LED for reflected light illumination

•Specially selected optics for low noise and low background hing SNR imaging

•Field of view from 2X2cm to 20X30cm

•Compatible with Bioluminescence (Luciferase-reporter gene & BRET), chemilumicence (Southern-, Northern-, Western- and Ligand-Blots by lacZ reporter gene or labelled cDNA), chemiflufluorescence (Southern-, Northern-, Western- Blots in enzyme immunofluorescent assay) and fluorescence (fluorescent proten of labelled cDNA/protein, DNA/RNA with SYBR/EtBr dyes, protein with SYPRO dye or antibody conjugated fluorescent dyes)

•Wavelength range from 400-900nm 

•GAS anesthesia with mice industion chamber, oxygen regulation, mice nosecone and filters for in-vivo mice experiment, heating plate option

•Detection of luminescence assays on microplates for drug screening and measurement of oxygen species in drug screening kinetics if experiment requires long time integration

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