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3D software for serial sections

3D software for serial sections

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» Support for virtual slide formats (3DHISTECH, Aperio, Hamamatsu, Huron, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Perkin-Elmer, Roche-Ventana, TissueGnostics, Zeiss)

» Support for basic image fi le formats (.jpg, .tif)

» Support for 3D basic image fi le formats (.mhd, .mha, .nii)

» Video capture and export

» Screenshot capture and export


» Alignment of a set of (serial) sections

› Reconstructions of sections of any thickness (best chosen according to the tissue of interest)

› Unlimited number of slides

» Very fast (semi-) automatic process for alignment

› Automatic section separation and section ordering

› Automatic initial alignment

› Manual alignment adjustments possible

» Independence of staining and image modality

» Alignment on bright field, fluorescence, and electron microscopy data sets


» Reconstruction of a 3D image from a set of consecutive sections

» Automatic color adjustment for homogeneous results

» Compensation of deformations

» Robustness to large deformations (tears and folds in the tissue)

» Avoidance of drifts or torsions in the stack due to a minimum error propagation technology

» No memory size limits: Reconstruction of more than 1000 sections (>500 GB) possible and feasible

» Reconstruction on any magnification level, up to the scanner resolution


» High automation of 3D reconstruction:Save a vast amount of time in your reconstruction workflow (speed up from 2 days to 15 minutes for one data set).

» Software-based 3D reconstruction:You can reconstruct 3D volumes using virtual slide scanners – no additional expensive hardware setup is required.

» Ease of use:Non-IT personnel can easily use the software without major training or specific knowledge. An intelligent wizard concept quickly guides users through the workflow.

» 3D whole slide imaging:Access extremely large volumes (>500GB) on all magnification levels and all regions – 3D field of view can be defined after imaging instead of setting it previously as with confocal or multi-photon imaging.

» Fast volume measurement:Save up to 70% time when using our software instead of other software for volume quantification due to increased automation.

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