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Figure Maker, Sunflower light & 3D

Figure Maker, Sunflower light & 3D

Detail Description

Figure Maker Software Module for Creating Composite Images for Publications

Figure Maker is an additional software module for easy and fast publishing of microscopic images in scientific papers. More images can be composed to one figure. Scale bars and labels can be automatically inserted to all images. The module provides full control of figure dimensions and resolution.

How It Works:

  1. Define figure dimensions and resolution
     According to the journal specification set dimensions in desired units and resolution of the figure in DPI.
  2. Place images
    Images can be simply placed to predefined grid. Desired region of interest of each image can be intuitively selected.
  3. Insert scale bars and labels
    Scale bars can be inserted to all images according to their calibration.Position and orientation of each scale bar in the image can be adjusted.
  4. Export the figure
    Width of borders and spaces between images can be set. Whole project can be stored for future changes.


1.Defining Figure Size and Resolution

- resolution in DPI according to the journal specification

- predefined or custom size in various units (millimeters, centimeters, inches, mils, thou, standard and typographic picas, pixels)

2.Importing Images

- from capture software or from hard drive

- scale bars of exact size can be placed to images with calibrations

3.Images Placing

- defining snapping grid

- snapping to grid, borders, to other images

4.Selecting Region of Interest

- easy manipulation using mouse, navigator and zooming track bar

5.Labels and Scale Bars Customization

- customization of each image individually or all images at once

- labels: text, position, font, font size, with or without background, background shape, black on white or white on black, offset

- scale bars: length in units, units (mm, um, nm, in, mils, thou), position,horizontal or vertical, thickness, value showing or not, value above or under the scale bar, value font, value font size, with or without background, black on white or white on black, offset

6.Automatic Labeling

- all images in the figure can be automatically labeled by A, B, C, … or 1, 2,3, …

7.Project Description

- each project can have its own text description

8.Exporting of the Figure

- the figure can be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP image format

- borders (thickness and color) and cutting out spaces between images (space thickness and background color) can be set

- option to export in grey scale

9.Projects Saving and Loading

- the work can be stored to project files for future editing

SUNFLOWER - Advanced Multi-Segment LED Illuminator for Stereomicroscopes: designed to provide extraordinary reflected light illumination for very difficult to illuminate samples. It generates soft, glare free lighting where all other illumination techniques have failed. Excellent for illumination of insects, semiconductor parts, jewelry, metals, rocks, plastics, glass...

•12+1 independently controlled LED segments creating pseudo-spherical surface illuminate the specimen from almost all directions without producing shades

•Diffusers of LED segments minimize production of glares

•6 tilting arms for convenient specimen handling and setting the angle of light incident on a specimen

•432 LEDs provide high illuminating power

•Single button press switches on / off the whole upper and lower ring formed by LED segments

•Rotation of the preset combination of light / switched off LED segments clockwise and counter clockwise

•Constant color temperature over the whole illumination range

•Constant brightness: no flickering and no interference with the camera’s image frequency

•Low power consumption, lifetime over 20 000 hours

•Environmentally friendly solution - free from halogen and mercury, RoHS compliant

•Dimensions: 195 mm x 195 mm x 133(height) mm

•PC control option (SDK available)


3D Digital Microscope Module: with two digital cameras and each camera captures a live view of each optical path. Both live views are processed in REAL-TIME and displayed on a 3D monitor or a 3D TV, which provides LIVE truly spatial observation of specimens. The image looks just like you would observe in any stereomicroscope yet the spatial effect is so persuasive, that the specimen seems to protrude from the screen, as though it could be grasped.


Features Overview:

•3D live view from a stereomicroscope displayed on a 3D monitor or 3D TV (suitable for single or multiple observers)

•Acquisition, storing and viewing of 3D digital images. Complete 3D image information can be stored within a single image file.

•Acquisition, storing and viewing of standard 2D digital images

•3D live view can be observed remotely using Skype or TeamViewer

•3D monitor or TV with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution supporting side-by-side 3D mode: e.g. LG Cinema 3D