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Stitching & FL overlay

Stitching & FL overlay

Detail Description

Live Manual Image Stitching optional module:

•Seamless high quality image stitching using live view of a camera and a manual stage

•Can be used for stitching of just a few images as well as for stitching of whole samples with resolution up to several gigapixels

•Excellent illumination homogeneity using shading (background) correction feature

•Enables precise measurements in stitched images.

•Can be used with any type of optical microscope with manual X-Y stage.

•Suitable for biological as well as industrial applications

•Can be used as a low cost manual alternative to Virtual Slide systems.

•Can be combined with HDR module.

•Processing on a hard drive minimizes memory consumption; SSD drive not a must but recommended for speeding up work when stitching larger number of images

•Stitched image even in gigapixels can be viewed by OlyVIA viewer software

FLUO+ optional module: multi-color fluorescence imaging software module for up to 8 digital images acquired with different fluorescence filters and transmitted light image can be composed into one multi-color image.

•Histogram and intensity of each of the fluorescence images can be adjusted independently

•X and Y shift correction for each image

•Color of each of the fluorescence images can be user defined

•Module settings can be saved to a file and loaded at any time