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TIRF Microscopy

TIRF Microscopy

Detail Description

VisiTIRF: Total-Internal-Reflection-Fluorescence Imaging System

TIRF technique is a special kind of wide-field fluorescence technique for measuring cells  or single molecule counting in an evanescent field without haze. By total reflection of the exciting light at the coverslip / medium interface, the fluorescence excitation is limited to a very thin space in the vicinity of the glass surface.  The resulting fluorescence images exhibit extremely high contrast and resolution with the possibility of realtime imaging of cell membrane or labelled single molecules counting.

VisiTIRF Components

•TIRF condenser
•epi illumination input
•special single mode fiber
•variable aperture blend to improve Z-resolution
•unique technology using a rectangular pin at the end of the laser transmission to scan the objective backfocal plane
•the circular beam shape with clear cut-off produces clean and high contrast TIRF images.
•no need for dichroic or additional optics for beam positioning, which leads to smoother images with less interferences.
•no need for dichroic – therefore you have the freedom of selecting any widefield illumination wavelength
•no signal loss in widefield illumination since the pin is very small.
Motorized VisiTIRF Option
•microscope adaption for two light sources
•simultaneous connection of Laser and Epi-fluorescence using fiber guides / liquid light guides
•unique technology using a rectangular pin at the end of the laser transmission to scan the objective backfocal plane by a super fast motor at 20mm /sec
•improved light throughput because of special fiber technology for inverted microscopes
•requires special VisiTIRF fiber guide

Compact and reliable laser source unit

•up to 8 lasers: 405, 445, 488, 515, 532, 561, 594, 640nm

•merging of high quality solid state or diode lasers of well-known manufacturers

•easy extendible

•standard FC fiber guide connector 

•high stability by efficient thermal conduction

•up to 3 outputs (ms-switch by galvanometric mirrors or fixed distribution)

•laser safety compliant


FRAP Option:

•coupling optics for liquid fiber wide field fluorescent
•1D FRAP additional laser input

VisiTIRF-FRAP-Combo Scanner

•Point TIRF illumination with high speed DC motor

•2D high speed FRAP scanner

•Widefield fluorescent fiber coupling