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Multi-dimension microscopy

Multi-dimension microscopy

Detail Description

Digital Fluorescence Microscopy Multidimensional Acquisition and Analysis of Living Cells: reliably document living organisms and intracellular processes, even over a period of several days based on VisiView imaging software, solves all experimental challenges easily and opeartes very user friendly under highest precision.

Basic VisiView® Functions:

• Realtime image acquisition under MS-Windows

• True color and up to 16 bit monochrome display

• Time-lapse function and fast streaming

• Handling of large movie sequences

• On-line overlay of multichannel fluorescence

• Merge up to 7 different images

• TTL shutter control

• One camera driver support

• Customized toolbar and macro programming

• Movie player and digital recorder

• Context sensitive help function

• Create AVI movies

VisiView® Optional Plug-Ins:

• Measurement, Magnification, Processing option and object analysis

• Illumination option

• Z-axis / Autofocus

• Hardware Autofocus option

• XY or XYZ Stage Control option

• Dual Camera or SplitView option

• Device streaming

• Tigger protocol

• On-line ratio option (Fura-2 and FRET analysis)

• Threshold measurement , Object Analysis, Colocalization Analysis option

• Automatic Scan Slide option - XYZ-time and multicolor

• Scanning of Multiwell Plates

• Remote control from external programs

VisiView® Hardware Support:

• Camera driver: Photometrics, QImaging, Hamamatsu, PCO, Diagnostic Instruments, Andor

• Automated microscope: Zeiss, Olympus, Leica, Nikon

• Shutter / filterwheel: Vincent, Ludl, Prior, Sutter and ASI

• XYZ stage: ASI, Märzhäuser, Ludl, Prior

• Z-stage: Piezo z-focus control

• Microscope hardware autofocus: Zeiss definite, Leica AFC, Nikon perfect focus, Olympus ZDC/ZDC2

• Illumination system: X-Cite, HXP and PhotoFluor

• LED illumination: Lumen, CoolLED, Zeiss Colibri, Lumencor

• High speed illumination: DG4, Lambda-XL, Polychromators

• Optical image splitter

• Multi camera control: e.g. up to 4 cameras

• Laser illumination: diode and solid state lasers

• AOM and AOTF: intensity and channel control

• Confocal: CARV-II, X-Light and other models

• FRAP: 1D and 2D VisiFRAP; iLAS

• Motorized VisiTIRF condensor and iLAS

• SPIM Light Sheet microscopy - on request

Quick overview with Scan Slide technique

A new function of the Scan Slide Module is based on the combination of low- and high-power objectives. In a first step a tile scan is performed with a low-power objective (5x or 10x) in order to produce a preview of the whole sample. The user is now requested to select an area of interest on this image, which is subsequently scanned at higher resolution with a high-power objective.

Optional  scanning of and free hand drawn region of interest

Some specimens with an irregular shape, e.g. tilted, long and thin, would require very large (rectangular) scanning areas and the resulting stitched image would contain large empty regions.

Therefore, VisiView offers a special version of the Scan Slide Module, which allows to scan and free hand drawn ROI and is based on the combination of low-power preview and the high-power objectives ROI high resolution scanning.

In a first step, a low-power objective is used to produce a tile scan preview of the whole sample. The user can now draw any freehand region to trace exactly the outlines of the area of interest.

In a third step, this region is scanned at high resolution with a high-power objective.


Realtime 2D Deconvolution

The 2D deconvolution can be applied on a live image or an already acquired and stored dataset. There are several 2D algorithm available, the VisiBoostEnhance, Tikhonov, Richardson and the Live-SR. Live Preview without limits more than just previewing! The new Live Preview mode is a part of the “Realtime Processing” option which allows to switch by single click between the raw data and the deconvolved data during the image acquisition. The high speed processing are done in the GPU graphics processor. The raw images are always stored at full speed e.g. 100fps without compromise.

Scan Slide with Time-Lapse, Multicolor and Z Stacks and optional Realtime 5D Viewer

Upon on-going 5D (X,Y,Z,λ,T) image scanning with real-time 5D  (X,Y,Z,λ,T) rendering function for displaying live 5D view enables on-going verification of your specimen in relation to its cellular or tissue surroundings in holistic approach.

Key features:

• Real-time 3D Visualization: real time 3D view upon mutli-Z scanning

• Multi-Channel overlays

• Time series

• Cut plane (xy, xz, yz, free orientation)

• Export (image and movie)

High Content Screening Module

There are different sizes of multiwell plates available. The Visi-View® screening option supports 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 and custom formats. For the selected plate type a plate layout is created with calibration values for offset, distance between columns and rows, well size and well shape. In addition, multiple sites for each single well can be selected, e.g. 16x16, if higher objective magnification is used for high resolution imaging mode. The specimen settle time can be set optionally after each scan movement to prevent from taking blurred images of samples wobbling due to inertia.