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Femtonics developed and published the first 3D AO microscope in the world in 2003.  Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope is the latest and the first fast 3D two-photon microscope in the market. Beisides containing all scanning capabilities of Femto-2D scanner, the 3D AO otpics is capable of XYZ random access scanning of neuronal, dendritic, and other neuropil activities about one million faster as compared to XY scanning mirror even with fast Z scan accessory. The microscope, using electrically tunable crystals, can focus the excitation point with up to 53 kHz speed to any 3D location under the objective without mechanical restrictions reaching  sub-millisecond temporal resolution in a millimeter z-dimension scanning range.

Femto3D-AO specifiction:

•acousto-optic scanner: electrically controlled lenses are realized by four acousto-optic crystals
•high speed random access 3D two-photon microscope
•in vivo z scanning range > 700um
•550 × 550 × 650um scanning volume in vivo with 20X objective
•up to 1100 x 1100 x 3000 µm3 scanning volume in transparent samples
•spatial resolution 400nm x 400nm x 2,400nm
•minimum multisite repetition rate: 50us
•Max. scanning speed: ~ 53 kHz/point, e.g. 2000 regions (cells, dendrites )@25Hz, 600 regions (cells, dendrites) @90Hz, 5-10 regions (cells, dendrites) @ 6.6-3.3kHz
•near simultaneous measurement over 2000 ROIs
•minimized optical path length by patented travelling detector system
•broadband tunable to any lasers in the range of 690-1100nm
•integrated dispersion compensation unit/angular dispersion compensation unit/beam stabilization unit/control of visual, auditory and any sensory stimuli
•parallel recording and analysis of electrophysiological data •integrated measurement control and analysis software

1. Capable of all scanning functions in Femto2D scanner
2. Unique XYZ random access scanning functions

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