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Femtonics Configuration

Femtonics Configuration

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Femtonics configurationFemto2D-GalvoFemto2D-ResonantFemto2D-DualFemto3D-AO
Scanner: XYGalvo XY vector scan mirror for high resolution imaging or photostimulation; able to have 1P & 2P laser for a single Galvo scannerResonant   XY raster scan mirror for high speed imagingFor 2P system only: Galvo + Resonant 1 for imaging & 1 for photostimulationUses   patented technology of acousto optic deflector for random access XYZ scan to   trace selected cells or structure under fast dynamic changes with full 3D   degree of freedom
Scanner: ZMicroscope Z motorStandard Z stack image capture
Tunable focus liquid lensThe liquid lens utilizes electrically controlled shape-changing membrane allowing fast switching between focal planes. In combination with our 2D two-photon   microscopes, it provides scanning with high temporal resolution in three-dimensional sample and near real time volume scanning can be performed.
Piezo objective positionerRollerCoasterR (patented scanning technology) module enables a new measurement mode called RollerCoaster with which one can perform high speed 3D line-scanning
Single photon laserChoose max. 4 diode lasers: 405nm/50or100mW, 445nm/40mW, 488nm/40or100mW,   515nm/40mW, 532nm/40mW, 561nm/40or100mW, 568nm/65mW, 594nm/30mW,   640nm/50or100mW (max. 3 detectors)Not support
Two photon laserCoherent: Ultra I, Ultra II, Vision & Discovery or Spectral Physics: MaiTai  XF1, MaiTai HP, eHP MaiTai DS & Insight
FemtoStab to share multiphoton laser between 2 microscopesOptional Femtonics fast beam stablization unit: compensates for the slow beam displacement and for fast vibrations scale laser beam misalignments to   overcome thermal drifts or mechanical vibrations and stabilize the laser beam   on the remote table. Separate adjustment of the laser power and other beam   properties are allowed at each setup with a remote computer control.

Wide range of choices: 
*Multialkaline PMT: cost effective;
*High-sensitivity GaAsP: up to 40% QE & internal overcurrent protection   circuit;
*Gated PMT or GaAsP for photoactivation: gating control can switch PMT off  and on very fast to enable high intensity visible light stimulation (such as   CW Channelrhodopsin activation) scenarios;

*Hybrid detector for photon counting (FLIM application): up to 20M photons   per seconds, parallel lifetime and integrating (standard two-photon) measurements, up to 40% QE & internal overcurrent protection circuit;

*Spectral detector: freely adjustable multi-wavelengths & emission   spectrum detection 

Photo-stimulation unitUsing Galvo XY scanner in the microscope with relay optics to switch quickly to photostimulation light source producing stimulation illumination in variable shape and size of multiple regions, e.g. optogenetic and uncaging
Photo-stimulation light sourceChoice of: LED Source LLG coupling 455nm/12 mW or Diode Laser: 473nm/100 mW, 561nm/100 mW or 2P laser. Upon discussion different wavelength can be   integrated2P laser
Holographic spatial light modulator unitSplit laser source to cover a few ROIs simultaneously and for 3D stimulation: stimulation areas can be above or below the imaging   optical planeNot support
Uncaging compundsMNI-GLU-TFA: 2P uncaging or DNI-GLU-TFA: 2P uncaging,7 fold higher quantum yield than MNI-Glu
MicroscopeOlympus IX836 objective nosepiece: 1P detector max 3, 2P RL NDD max 4 & TL NDD max 3
Olympus BX61WISingle objective nosepiece; optional 2 positions slide or swing nosepiece: 1P   detector max 3, 2P RL NDD max 4 & TL NDD max 3
Smart MicroscopeNext-generation two-photon microscope with an elevated body for in vivo studies allowing extremely free positioning of the sample below the objective. Single objective nosepiece: 1P detector max 3, 2P RL NDD max 4Not support
Objective tiltingOptional accessory with motor driven nosepiece to rotate the objective around   horizontal and vertical axes for intra-vital imaging of big animals and using   with grin lens; 2P RL NDD max 3
ObjectiveSingle nosepice can use objective adapter for all types of Objectives (Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica).
Shading boxEnables high sensitivity external detection of the fluorescent photons even in a daylight room and serves as a Faraday cage
Dual perfusion chamberWith mobile polypropylene mesh for brain slice holding & Dual-channel In-line Solution Heater 
Head holder for Mice/RatSimplified stereotaxic frame adaptor head holder for mice/rat with three magnetic holders. Heated pad to the head holder
Virtual RealityA novel jet ball virtual reality experimental system. It is based on an air   supported spherical treadmill, and allows a restrained animal to navigate in   virtual space. Virtual reality provides a perfectly controllable experimental   environment, and can be used for investigating navigation, cognition,   learning and memory.
Intrinsic imaging systemNon-invasively localizing the areas of the brain or the spinal cord which are activated during different stimuli or combinations of stimuli. The product serves as a monitoring tool before or during in vivo experiments. It can be installed as a stand-alone system or can be integrated into any Femtonics microscope.


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