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Femtonics Technology

Femtonics Technology

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Femtonics prides itself on its ability and plans of providing the researchers all over the world a new concept of three dimensional imaging to raise the standards of imaging three dimensional structures and assist all our dedicated professionals in these complex researches. Clearly awared of the high investments involved in multiphoton microscope, Femtonics presents to customers the flexibility and freedom to customize your own orders and products according to your vision and objective, hence shaping your ideas into remarkable results. In this complex and exclusively sophisticated world of science, Femtonics brings you the real personalized touch to give you the individual research identity you look for, fitting your unique experimental requirements, ideology and niche perfectly.

Femtonics poineer traditional confocal laser scanning microscope with unique XY vector scan in addition to the standard XY raster scan and significantly improves Z scan to the fastest speed and the highest degree of freedoms.

Femtonics developed and published the first 3D AO microscope in the world in 2003. Over more than past ten-years Femtonics has developed and patented many new technologies to provide the best 3D microscope in the world.

•optimal arrangement of optical elements based on diffraction limit (over 10X more effective 3D scan head)
•optimized angular dispersion compensation
•functionally separated arrangement of AO deflectors for the highest performance
•dynamic optical error compensation
•optimized deflector driver signals, deflector geometry, operation bandwidth, crystal orientation new AO deflector technology for longer wavelengths (for GECIs)
•minimized optical path length to maximize detection (travelling detector system) with ultrasensitive GaAsP PMTs (>45% quantum efficiency)
•integrated measurement control and analysis software
•4X more effective radio-frequency drives
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