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XYZ Motorization

XYZ Motorization

Detail Description

XY stages for inverted microscopes are custom designed for each make and model of microscope to provide the maximum travel range while providing the maximum amount of clearance for objectives. These microscopes include:

Leica: DMIR series, DMI6000 & DMi8 series

Nikon: Diaphot 200/300, TE200/300, TE2000, Ti

Olympus: IX50/51, IX70, IX71/81, IX73/83

Zeiss: Axiovert 35/100/135, Axiovert 200, AxioObserver

XY stages are designed for larger upright microscopes. These larger stages have more room to avoid objective and condenser clearance issues. These microscopes include:

Leica: DM series

Nikon: FXA, SA, E800, E1000, 80i, 90i, Ni

Olympus: AX70, BX50/60, BX51/61, BX53/63

Zeiss: Axioskop, Axioskop II, Axioplan, AxioImager

Piezo Z-Stage Controller Specifications:

Fast Piezo Objective Mover - f-POM:

External step motor focus drive:

*step sizes as small as 0.002μm
*focus motor speed of up to 20 revolutions per second