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TEM grids and grid box

TEM grids and grid box

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Gilder Grids TEM grids are precision TEM grids with a wide choice of patterns to support nearly all TEM applications. The Gilder Grids TEM grids are renowned for the unique fine mesh patterns, which extend to 2000 mesh delivering high transparency and small hole sizes. They are available in copper, nickel and gold. All Gilder Grids offered on these pages are made using a proprietary precision electro-forming process (plating). The Gilder Grids exhibit a smooth shiny side and a matte side and include well defined bars. Many Gilder Grids feature either a rim mark, a center mark or both (see specifications).  They tend to have a narrower rim and are thinner with smaller mesh sizes. The fine mesh grids with the thin bars and high transmission are even thinner. The fine mesh grids also include a wider 0.5mm rim to for increased stability.

 The standard diameter of the Gilder grids is 3.05mm and they are packaged in black antistatic vials. Packaging is 100/vial for copper and nickel and 50/vial for Au. Extra fine bar mesh 1000 in 25/vial, 1500 in 15/vial and 2000 in 10/vial.

 Available patterns are:

•Square Mesh grids with 50-600 mesh patterns

•Fine Bar Square Mesh grids with 200 – 2000 mesh patterns

•Hexagonal Mesh grids with 50-400 mesh patterns

•Fine Bar Hexagonal Mesh grids with 200 – 2000 mesh patterns

•Parallel Bars grids with 50 – 400 mesh patterns

•Parallel Bars with central divider grids in 50 – 400 mesh patterns

•Aperture grids with holes from 0.05 – 2.0 mm

•Slotted grids with slots from 0.2 x 0.5mm to 0.98 x 2.0mm


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