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Quantifoil grids

Quantifoil grids

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All our QUANTIFOIL ® support foils are available on a multitude of TEM grids. Commonly used are TEM grids made of Copper, Gold, Molybdenum, Copper/Rhodium, Nickel, Aluminium or Titanium with a diameter of 3.05 mm. In addition to plain mesh grids with 200, 300 and 400 mesh/inch we offer our support films on finder grids like G200F1, G200F2 and LF-200.

Four reasons to use Quantifoil:

1. With the known size of the pore of the Quantifoil, one can estimate the size of a particle observed directly.

2. With the defined size and pitch of the holes in the Quantifoil one can use automated electron microscopy for the first time.

3. The Quantifoil 7/2 gives a good portion of "free" area.

4. Hole size and hole distribution uniform over a wide range

These grids have been cleaned and trested very carefully, therefore, no any plastics film and less charging under electron beam.

The standard packing unit is a grid box of 100 TEM grids with the support foil best suited for your application. The grids are packed with their coated side toward the center of the grid box. Each grid box is identifiable through an individual box number (front side) as well as through a QUANTIFOIL ® registry number (back side).

QUANTIFOIL® with circular holes is mainly used in cryo-EM. The roundness of the holes is advantageous with respect to the formation of an ice layer of constant thickness. The hole size that is chosen depends on the magnification used, and on whether or not one wishes to include support film in the image. The latter makes assessment of the image quality easier, because the power spectrum of a foil is stronger than that of unsupported ice.

The QUANTIFOIL® types with small holes (e.g. 1.2 µm) were designed for magnifications around and higher 50.000x. At magnifications between 30.000x and 40.000x we recommend the QUANTIFOIL® types with 2 µm holes. Larger holes (e.g. 3.5 µm, 5 µm) are suitable at magnification around 20.000x.

QUANTIFOIL® with square holes and relatively narrow bars can be used in electron microscopy to support a thin carbon film, which by itself is too fragile to span a grid square. The QUANTIFOIL® types with square holes constitute an optimum between a maximum of open area on the one hand, and mechanical stability on the other hand.

QUANTIFOIL® Multi A is a holey film, in which a pattern of various hole sizes, shapes and arrangements is repeated. In addition to circular holes, the pattern includes oval-shaped ones which appear round at high tilt angles (~70°). The circular holes have diameters of 1 µm, 1.4 µm, and 2 µm. The elliptical holes measure 1 µm x 4 µm and 2 µm x 8 µm (along the shortest and longest axes, respectively).


UltrAuFoil Holey Gold Films

These newly developed ultrastable gold supports for electron cryomicroscopy will reduce the movement of frozen specimens during imaging. This improves image contrast and quality leading to better 3D reconstructions with less data. During imaging at cryo-temperatures, traditional carbon supports move, particularly at the beginning of irradiation. This movement blurs images and makes it difficult to determine the structures of small and challenging molecules.