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HPF Compact 03 high pressure freezer

HPF Compact 03 high pressure freezer

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On account of its exceptionally high performance and numerous other innovations, the HPF Compact 03 sets a new standard in high pressure freezing technology.

Excellent cryofixation quality with improved reproducibility

Thanks to the many system improvements made, the quality of the cryofixation and its reproducibility have been significantly increased. 20% greater freezing performance compared to the Compact 01/02.

Excellent cooling rate

Fastest cooling rate of all high-pressure freezing machines on the market maintaining the best cool gradient with LN2 flow only from back to front and bottom to top to achieve actual 10,000K/s temp drop at specimen : the specimen is cooled from 0°C to approximately -100°C in 10 ms and hence preserve 200-300um depth in tissue. This is twice as fast as with the Bal-Tec HPM 100 and four times as fast as with the Leica EM PACT.

Smooth high pressure freezing with no pressure surges

The consistent application of pressure to the sample without pressure surges during the entire freezing cycle, and especially during the starting phase, ensures that it is carefully frozen.

Optimal pressure / temperature coordination

A special valve ensures that pressure/temperature is always optimally coordinated for temperature never raise above zero if pressure has not raised to 2050bar.

Pre-selection of freezing cycle with or without alcohol

By means of push button, an automatic freezing cycle with or without alcohol can be pre-selected (an exclusive feature of this machine).

Cryofixation for electron microscopy without an antifreeze agent

The high pressure freezing machine HPF Compact 03 enables the efficient cryofixation of biological probes of up to 0.2 mm thickness and 0.6 mm3 volume without the need for an anti-freeze agent.

Automatic freezing cycle with / without alcohol

On the HPF Compact 03 the entire freezing cycle is executed automatically. The probe simply has to be inserted in the pressure chamber, which is then locked by means of a quick-release pin. The fully automatic freezing cycle is activated by the touch of a button. Various safety devices exclude any possibility of incorrect operation.

Robust, reliable design

The new HPF Compact 03 has the same robust, reliable design and cooling operation (high pressure intensifier, hydraulic system, controls, etc.) as its predecessors the HPF Compact 01/02 and PI 32-165, to fulfil the highest technical standards.


Both customers and official supervisory authorities set strict safety standards for high pressure machines. On account of its 1.4-fold test pressure and design in compliance with TüV regulations (German Technical Supervisory Association), the high pressure freezing machine HPF Compact 03 fulfils every aspect of these strict safety requirements.

High flexibility in sample preparation

Different sample holders (3 / 6 mm dia. platelets, 0.6 mm copper tubes, 4.5 x 3 mm Omega platelets, sapphire discs, labelled sapphire discs, gold coated copper platelets, holders for light microscopy, etc.) provide the highest flexibility in sample preparation, both before and after freezing (see below specimen holder options). New system for correlative light-electron microscopy allows the specimen to be frozen within around 6-8 seconds (observation -> frozen). Ask for our consumables list!

Specimen holder and carriers options

Dia. 3 / 6 x 0.5 mm aluminium platelet for freeze substitution

Holder 3 mm HPF Compact 01 and 02 article no. 290

Holder 3 mm BAL-TEC article no. 422

Holder 6 mm HPF Compact 02 article no. 619

Platelet 3 mm recesses 0.1 / 0.2 mm article no. 241

Platelet 3 mm recess 0.3 mm article no. 242

Platelet 3 mm recesses 0.15 / 0.15 mm article no. 353

Platelet 3 mm * recesses 0.025 / 0.275 mm article no. 389

Platelet 3 mm * recesses 0.05 / 0.25 mm article no. 390

Platelet 3 mm * recess 0.3 mm article no. 479

Platelet 6 mm recesses 0.1 / 0.2 mm article no. 610

Platelet 6 mm recess 0.3 mm article no. 611

Platelet 6 mm recesses 0.15 / 0.15 mm article no. 612

Platelet 3 mm recesses 0.1 / 0.2 mm (gold coated) article no. 662

Capillary tube set (cellulose dia. 0.2 mm) article no. 505

Sapphire disc * dia. 3 x 0.05 mm article no. 405

Sapphire disc dia. 1.4 x 0.05 mm (Empact) article no. 454

Sapphire disc dia. 3 x 0.16 mm article no. 500

Sapphire disc dia. 3 x o.16 mm labelled article no. 627

*Special platelets for to use in combination with the sapphire disc.

4.5 x 3 x 0.1 mm copper Omega platelets for freeze-fracturing

Holder HPF Compact 01 article no. 402

Holder BAL-TEC article no. 421

Platelet without recess article no. 403

Platelet with 0.1 mm recess article no. 404

Copper tubes, platelets, holder and chucks for cryo-sectioning

Holder Copper tube 0.6 mm article no. 762

Copper tube dia. 0.6 x 9 mm article no. 730

Technical data

Maximum operating pressure: 2970 bar (43068 psi)

Test pressure: 4300 bar (62355 psi)

The high pressure intensifier is designed according to TüV regulations.Permissible load alternations for pressure intensifier: 100’000

Cooling time 0 °C to -100 °C: 10 ms

Freezing cycles possible per hour: 34

All machine components are electro-thermostatically heated.

Voltage / frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz

Current drawn: 2 KVA

Dimensions: 815 x 686 x 1450 (W x D x H)

Weight: 400 kg