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TRI GAS CO2/O2 mixer

TRI GAS CO2/O2 mixer

Detail Description


•TRI GAS MIXER includes mixing unit, pressurized tank, touch screen user interface.

•It mixes Air/N2/CO2 by means of mass flow controllers

•It is operated by a user friendly 3.2’ touch screen to define the desired gas concentration.

•It can be calibrated with any external CO2/ O2 meter

•Maximum output pressure: 2 barg, depending on number of devices attached

•Maximum output flow rate: 1.6L/min, it is auto-adjusted and delivers to incubators attached, that is 0,035L/min during normal use and 0,35L/min during purge, for each MINC attached. Support up to 7 incubators (maximum 3 incubators in purge mode at the same time),

•Concentration Range: CO2: 0-10%; CO2 Accuracy: ±0.2%, CO2 Repeatability: ±0.1%

•Concentration Range: O2 0-10%, O2 Accuracy: ±0.2%, O2 Repeatability: ±0.1%

•Pressurized tank volume: 4.5L

•Input CO2, Air and N2 Pressure: 4.0 barg

•Input Gas connectors: 6 mm OD push in fittings

•Controller Dimensions, mm: 319 x 251 x 117

•Output gas filter: VOC filter upon request

Optional CO2 O2 UNIT BL CP2-10L-IVF: maximum output flow rate 10L/min,supports up to 60 incubators (maximum 25 incubators in purge mode at the same time), 30L tank volume