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Fast filter wheel

Fast filter wheel

Detail Description

OPTOSPIN: Fast spinning and stepping filter wheel for both excitation and emission path


•Stepping times down to 30msec between adjacent filters, 50msec between opposite ones

•Continuous spinning up to 7,500 rpm (higher speeds potentially available to special order), set by internal or external reference frequency

•Compact size, only 100 x 100 x 35mm

•35mm optical path length

•Simple filter loading system (leaves camera in place)

•Six standard 25mm filter positions per wheel

•Paired wheels can simulate a single ten-position wheel, with substantial speed advantage

•Two filter wheels can be mounted within the same overall

•Control via USB or digital interface

•Control boxes for two or four wheels

•Full range of adapters for illumination and detection in the biosciences

•USB (MetaMorph) and TTL control (anything that can send TTLs) in excitation or emission path


Multi channel fluorescence imaging

•High speed ratiometric imaging



•Low-vibration microscopy