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OptoFlash for optogeneitcs & flash photolysis

OptoFlash for optogeneitcs & flash photolysis

Detail Description

OptoFlash: LED illumination for flash photolysis & Optogenetics

Optoflash development

The developments for the Optoflash application are basically twofold. First, although the Optoflash can be set for continuous illumination if required, it

incorporates a front panel controlled timer, which generates flashes anywhere from 50 microseconds to 100 milliseconds, via either a front panel switch or an external trigger input. Alternatively, flashes of arbitrary

duration can be generated, either under manual or external control. An optical monitor output is also provided, and just as for proven OptoLED design, it can optionally be used to drive a feedback system to guarantee a constant optical output during a pulse.

The second development is a coupling system for coupling our standard LED head design into a range of optical fibres, of diameter from 0.1 to 1mm. For fibres less than 1mm diameter, simultaneous illumination of multiple fibres by a single LED is supported. A high efficiency optical relay system is used to focus light from the LED onto the fibre entrance.

Our LED protection networks safely allow a certain degree (depending on the LED) of over-driving during pulsed illumination such as that during a flash. The optical relay system also has provision for inclusion of filtering to limit the bandwidth of the LED if required.

Key Benefits

•Flash duration controllable from 50usec -100msec by internal timer

•Durations of arbitrary length via external control

•Flash rise and fall times less than 0.1 μsec

•Optical monitor output, with optional optical feedback

•Coupling system for optical fibres up to 1mm diameter for in-vivo optogenetic stimulation

•>30mW/mm² using a 200μm fibre when continuously driven by 470nm LED

•Protection network allows at least 2x over-driving for short pulses

OptoLED   head - 365nm

OptoLED   head - 385nm

OptoLED   head - 405nm

OptoLED   head - 455nm

OptoLED   head - 470nm

OptoLED   head - 490nm

OptoLED   head - 505nm

Fibre ends can in principle be finished in a variety of ways - please ask for details. And of course the Optoflash can be coupled into any microscope, using exactly the same accessories as for the OptoLED.

OptoLED   head - 530nm

OptoLED   head - 565nm

OptoLED   head - 590nm

OptoLED   head - 627nm

OptoLED   head - 660nm

OptoLED   head - 740nm

OptoLED   head - 850nm

OptoLED   head - 940nm