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Compact LED fluorescent light source

Compact LED fluorescent light source

Detail Description

pE-100 LED Single Wavelength Fluorescent Light: wavelength selection from 365nm to 770nm in 20 choices

1.Direct fit to microscope configuration: pE-100 units can be combined using the pE-Combiner for applications requiring a second LED wavelength with independent control and triggering.

2. Liquid Light Guide: pE-100 light guide in with a fixed 3mm diameter to fit microscope light guide adapter

3. Control & Interface

Manual: Manual control for instant on/off and intensity control in 1% steps from 0 – 100%

Remote: Via single TTL for on/off control using BNC connection on the control pod. Triggering speed approx. 150us

pE-300 Series White Light Full Spectrum Fluorescent

>Board Spectrum: Configured for your everyday fluorophores such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC & Cy5

>Simple to fit: Designed to fit most microscopes attaching straight onto your microscope’s epi-fluorescence port or through 3mm diameter liquid light guide Fiber to microscope cold light source adapter

>Simple to use: Instant On/Off in 1% steps and intensity control from 0 – 100% with the ability to optimize intensity and minimize sample damage via the simple desktop Control Pod.

1. pE-300 Lite - Instant On/Off for all three LEDs at the same time

2. pE-300 White - 3-channel control pod instant On/Off and intensity adjustment allows selection and control of each of the three LED channels independently means that the user can control the level of excitation of each fluorescent stain on a multi-stained sample, to minimize bleaching by exciting only the markers you are working on and is ideal to use with multi-band filter sets viewed either individually or in combination, without filter cube changing

3. pE-300 Ultra – offers precise control over wavelength, intensity and shuttering. Triggering multiple TTL inputs coupled with the ability to mount inline excitation filters provides microsecond switching of pre-filtered excitation light. Unique “Sequence Runner” multiple channel excitation mode to define the order of their fluorophore capture using the pE-300ultra Control Pod, then the pE-300ultra light source can accept a single TTL output from the experiment set-up’s camera to initiate the step-through of a sequence of excitation channels. This feature is independent of the individual channel TTL inputs on the light source. This offers users the facility to run through a sequence of excitation channels using a camera which has only a single TTL-out.